Some of our Organic Lavender Products

Our primary business here on the farm is Organic Lavender. Currently we offer 6 different varieties, with seasonal variations to capitalize on the most successful plants (which we propagate ourselves in our greenhouse). We have Hidcote, Munstead, and English Lavender, as well as Provence, Melissa, and Fred Boutin varieties. By being versatile, we can better suit the different uses and blooming times of each variety.

Beautiful Organic Lavender

We cut and dry both the leaves and the flowers, which allows for use of all of the plants and to have more products available. In addition to the beauty of the flowers themselves, the leaves and buds can be used in a multitude of ways, including decoration, personal products, and culinary uses.

Chopped Lavender Ends


We use permaculture principles to keep our organic lavender healthy and thriving, including berm and swale construction of the rows, drip irrigation, and compost as the only fertilizer in the first year of planting. We have truly enjoyed growing and harvesting the lavender, and it smells and looks oh-so-divine!




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