Well, Hello There!

Ah, the goats…

Our pet project that keeps on giving! We have quite a mix of breeds and sizes, including 2 Nigerian Dwarfs, 3 Pygmies, and 6 Boer/Nubian mixes.

We started out with goats to help us clear brush around the farm and to contribute manure to our compost pile, but we quickly fell in love with them and their antics, and couldn’t imagine life without them! Last fall we added a male buck and plan to breed our females to provide us with goats milk to aid in our lavender business–And of course add more goats!

Mr. Blue Says Hello!

We have two large pens over 4 acres for the goats to forage and play in, and sometimes we let them out on supervised expeditions around the rest of the property. The three Great Pyrenees guardian dogs love the goats the most, so we always know they are well protected and cared for.

More Goats!

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