Our organic chickens are allowed to free range and forage all year long, and are only fed non-GMO, local feed in the winter. We raise them and love them for all their ‘chickeness,’ and guarantee they are well looked after by our three Great Pyrenees herd guardians. We process the chickens humanely and ensure that all the parts are used with the least amount wasted.  Processing here on the farm allows less stress for the chickens, and we offer the freshest, most delicious chicken you’ve ever tasted! Our eggs are bright, fluffy, and collected daily; we celebrate the differences in our eggs and variety of chickens, sometimes collecting blue, white, brown, chocolate and green eggs all in one day’s basket!  Our happy, healthy hens lay on their own natural schedule, so egg production is never forced with artificial lighting or feeding.

Chicken at Sunrise

* Added benefit:  chicken manure is an invaluable component of compost, which is used in the garden and lavender beds at StoneHouse Farms.

White Chickens in Hay

Organic, free-range, pasture-raised Chickens available for purchase, $4.99/lb.
1/2 Chickens
Whole Chickens
Heritage Chickens


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