Organic Summer Honey

At B&B StoneHouse Farms we are starting our third year of beekeeping, maintaining the goal of healthy and safe bees. Our seven hives are supported by a peaceful pond and seven-acre red clover field; our organic lavender hillside nearby has been cultivated with these amazing pollinators in mind.

We have loved learning about bees, and they continue to fascinate and inspire us the more we are around them. We plant pollinator-friendly perennials around our house and bee yard, as well as provide havens for additional beneficial insects like Butterflies, Mason bees, Dragonflies, Bats, and Ladybugs.

We never, ever use chemicals, pesticides or harmful substances on the farm, and use only natural ingredients like cinnamon and mint to deter predators in and around the hives. Propolis is used on the outside of the hives to add durability to the natural wood hives we have built and procured over the seasons. Honey is harvested in the spring when there are plenty of new, local food sources for the bees to forage. We value the high-quality, thick, dark honey we harvest and can easily say it is the best honey we have ever tasted!

We also collect and render our own beeswax which can be used in conjunction with our lavender, goat’s milk and honey. Talk about one-stop shopping for organic, healthy, sustainable products!

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